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back in london, prince william left his new two day old and still unnamed son, tojoin harry and meghan markle at westminster abbey for a service of thanksgiving for soldiers from distant countries who came to britain's aid a century ago and who lost their lives in the service of their king. nicholas witchell, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. good afternoon. it is with this as usual with sunny spells to start with but then showers developing. plenty of april showers right across the country for the rest of the afternoon. all links to this area of low pressure and circulating around that we have quite a brisk wind driving in the showers primarily to start with a two the west coast but then moving further in them. some of those quite heavy with some blustery wind. if you dodge those showers
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these would be the afternoon highs, could be better. and certainly nothing compared to a week ago. though showers begin to ease overnight across england and wales but further north and west we keep those showers going. overnight temperatures at around four, 6 degrees. but not a bad start to the morning and fewer showers around for tomorrow. we still keep the showers going further north and west and again some of those heavy with some thunder. temperatures peaking tomorrow in the afternoon at 11, 16 degrees. not those mid—to high 20s from a week ago. going into friday the low pressure begins to move in from the south—west bringing more persistent rain into south—west england and wales. eventually into the midlands through the day. so we
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start with the spell of wet weather, a good inch of rain spilling up and feeling pretty miserable underneath that rain. sunny spells and scattered showers for scotland and northern ireland, temperatures generally around 11, 12 degrees. certainly could be a lot better. saturday morning could begin with that rain clearing from the south—east. the isobars opening up but the wind beginning to come from the west. it is going to get pretty chilly gods we have this significant dip in thejet stream. and we're still on that in order hedge, the colour source. picking up quite right but northerly wind, which is never a warm sauce. so we right but northerly wind, which is never a warm sauce. so we keep business as usual towards the weekend with sunny spells and scattered showers but you will notice the difference in the field. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. a danish inventor is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a journalist on his home made submarine.
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that's all from the bbc news at one — so it's goodbye from me — and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. steven gerard says that most allah is the best player in the world to at the moment. —— mo salah. he scored twice across his former club so scored twice across his former club so muted celebrations from the egyptian. roma did score two away goals which gives them a glimmer of hope going to the second leg in rome
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next wednesday. we have been reporting those violent clashes between fans that blighted the time. concerns for fans ahead of the world cup with manager tempt. —— when jurgen klopp having to take him off. stephen warnock said that he felt he would have been a starter for england at the world cup. arson vendor will leave at the end of the season and said that it wasn't his decision. the 60 dural said that he
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had not given much thought to his future and he would not be retiring 01’ future and he would not be retiring or taking part future and he would not be retiring ortaking part in future and he would not be retiring or taking part in choosing his successor. one of fifa's most senior executives has been reported to the ethics committee. our sports news correspondent has the details. this relates to suppose it family relationship between the former liverpool player and her. they're both from senegal and the task force says there is a family connection between the two that should've been declared and therefore both parties are subject to an ethics enquiry in response, she said that she is confident that the charges will be defeated, but she has no relation to the player and therefore she'll be
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looking to answer those questions if the ethics committee decides to take this forward. the draw for rugby league's challenge cup has been made with all of super league's top side in action. holders hull fc, who have won the tournament for the last two years, have been drawn awat at championship side featherstone. super league leaders st helens will play castleford whilst last year's beaten finalists wigan travel to hull kingston rovers. day four of the world snooker championships and there are a couple of former winners on the tables at the crucible. you can watch the world snooker championships live from the crucible in sheffield on bbc two right now. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's
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the hollywood actress rose mcgowan, the first woman to go public with rape allegations against the film producer harvey weinstein has said that the actions have negatively affected her career. physically and mentally it did a lot of damage. because his face and name are everywhere, i will tell you there is something very strange about having this kind of abstract envy over another victim who doesn't have too see her perpetrator again. there is something really wrong with that frame of mind. and yet that is the truth. my body, i went through horrible, a lot of years actually, of night terrors and i can run from
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our but i would select all the way through to my mattress. body flashbacks. sound. not being able to be in a small room with men. to not have somebody giant stand over me, looming over me, without kind of short—circuiting in a way. and i am not the only one. when i speak to you here, and i don't meanjust his victims, but i know there are so many out there and i think that is why my gift and maybe my curse is that i can hear them and i wanted to do some thing about it. did you lose work after that? oh, completely. my career was on a very different directory. sundance darling and i
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was nominated for an independent spirit award you know, cut to... later i am on a show that was much beloved that i was there talking to leprechauns. so that was the come down? that's what you're left with? yes. he didn't think to go to television producers and blacklist me. he didn't have power in that arena yet. i have statements to read from his former spokesperson, it is a fiction to suggest any individuals were targeted or suppressed at any time. that is in response to you saying effectively you are blacklisted or lost work. it's been proven so many times. by so many people who have come out, when peterjackson said it about mira sorvino. she tweeted that she burst into tears because it's something that you have always suspected. but it was hard to prove,
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impossible to prove, until was proven in the new york times and the new yorker and he can say whatever he wants but i did a movie where the director kept bragging to me about how brave he was hiring me because he said my reputation, which should have been stellar, because i'm a worker amongst workers, and i am a professional. and to constantly have people say things like, at one point, the head of fox studios long time ago said, over my dead body will we ever hire rose mcgowan. and i just thought, what i do these men? what i did these people? oh, i know. i got raped. harvey weinstein continues to deny any allegations of nonconsensual sex. ina in a moment summary of the business news but first, the headlines. a danish inventor is found guilty of
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murdering and dismembering the swedish journalist kim wall on his submarine. jeremy corbyn calls for the prime minister to resign. two italians have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on a supporter at anfield last night. it's the biggest coffee chain in the uk and today it's been announced that costa coffee is to be split from parent company whitbread and listed as a separate firm. the move comes after pressure from activist investors, elliott advisors and sachem head, who together control about 10% of shares. whitbread will remain the owner and operator of premier inn hotels. after more than five days of being locked out of their online bank, tsb customers can now access their accounts. but the bank has limited the number of people who can get into their accounts at any one time, because it expects a surge in customers trying to use it. the bank's upgrade to its banking us media giant comcast has outlined details of its £22 billion
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rival bid for sky in a move that threatens rupert murdoch's £11.7 billion deal to take full control of the pay—tv group. after the comcast move, sky said it was withdrawing its approval for the fox bid. the government is stepping up fox bid. the government is stepping up its crackdown on illegal moneylenders who target vulnerable people. the treasury has earmarked £5.5 million to pay for investigations and prosecutions as for the support of the victims. some 300,000 people are in debt to illegal moneylenders in the uk. joining us to discuss this is this mp. thank you forjoining us. how do
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you define these illegal moneylenders, these loan sharks? they do not have permission to lend from the financial conduct authority and are using extortion that interest rates and intimidation tactics of vulnerable people, which is why the government is so committed to increasing the activity of the illegal lending team and giving them this extra money second carry on their operations around the united kingdom. you talk about loan sharks targeting vulnerable people. had they operate chris back essentially they deal with the communities where people are vulnerable and essentially signed them up to repayment plans that are extortionate. often they use the rental model where the individual never owns the item that they borrowed the money for and theyjust pay rent. we see examples where interest doubles and ridiculous charges are added. we have examples
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of one individual who took on £5,000 loa n of one individual who took on £5,000 loan and it got to £50,000. this is the sort of ridiculous practice that is really intimidating people and we need to crack down on it up and down the country. part of the problem by people take on these loans can be they really do need the money. it's not people taking out money for expensive holidays. often people ta ke expensive holidays. often people take up these loans are the basics, to pay their utility bills said the problem is a squeeze on income but also lack of access to safe credit, where people can take these loans. what is the government doing about that? we are also putting an incentive £1000 to incentivise people tojoin incentive £1000 to incentivise people to join credit unions that exist up and down the country, which are much better way of accessing a form of credit. we have also done things that help to save too much savings by 50% so somebody says £50
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a month, they get £25 from the government. yesterday i took through parliament the single financial guidance body that will give more advice to people in how to handle debt and will give people respite period. i was a manifest equipment we had last year. people have six weeks to deal with their debt difficulties. if somebody is suffering at the hands of the loan shark right now what should they do? they should get in touch with the illegal money lending team. there is a hotline number that they can find easily. contact the local citizens advice, accessible throughout the country and all communities. there's the two places bacon start —— those are the two places they can start to get help. the ticket seller is
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facing legal action from the watchdog for not providing information on the tickets on their sites. they must warn buyers. the cmi says that viagogo has not taken the same undertakings. the development marks a breakthrough in the takeover talks which have involved five offers by takeda since late march. the popular social media app whatsapp is banning under 16—year—olds. the app is owned by facebook and will ask users to confirm their age when prompted in the next few weeks. let's just look and see what the markets have been
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up and see what the markets have been up to. we're talking about the ta keover up to. we're talking about the takeover from ta keda to up to. we're talking about the takeover from takeda to do with the shire. takeda shares injapan are actually down. bidding for the british pharmaceutical giant and whitbread down half a percent, news they are splitting off costa coffee. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn has called for the home secretary to resign as the minister was forced to defend the government's immigration policy surrounding the windrush controversy. i am joined from westminster by our assistant political editor. i don't think anyone thought the windrush scandal was over. listening to pmqs that was
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heavily the case. very angry exchanges. mrs mailer and passing the record of previous labour ministers and their role in introducing these measures. yvette cooper saying that there were warnings from high commission is backin warnings from high commission is back in 2016 about problems and then it's the same time, borisjohnson seemingly confronted to reserve may over her approach, calling for an amnesty for illegal immigrant is. let's have a listen to theresa may and some of her words about immigration. they are not illegal. they are here legally. that is, that is why we are providing the support to enable them to get the documents for their status. what we are talking about,
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what the right honourable gentleman, the leader of the opposition is talking about, is whether or not we should deal with illegal immigration and up and down this country the british public will tell him we should deal with illegal immigration. meanwhile, jeremy corbyn cited theresa may and the hostile environment that led to the windrush scandal. a report last month by immigration officials stated the hostile environment measures were not even having the desired effect. the current home secretary inherited a failing policy and made it worse. isn't it time she took responsibility and resigned? let us mull over some of that with these
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politicians from across the parties. does labour have questions to answer when it comes to the windrush saga? because we know successive governments including labour have tightened up the criteria for gaining citizenship in this country. i think what has happened here is a real cranking down in terms of the culture and practice in the home office. i got one of the highest immigration cases in my constituency. a large caribbean community that i represent as well. i see that culture and practice markedly change over the last three 01’ markedly change over the last three orfour markedly change over the last three or four years. markedly change over the last three orfour years. it markedly change over the last three or four years. it makes markedly change over the last three orfour years. it makes it markedly change over the last three or four years. it makes it really difficult for genuine people who are living here genuinely to prove that they are entitled to stay in this country. i have felt for a while now that the government of the going after the wrong people so instead of going after the illegal immigrants, people have committed crimes, much tougher to find, they are going
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after the soft targets, people who we should welcome in this country and do welcome in this country but is making a treat tough for them to stay here. i think that principally, this lays out the door of the government and at to reserve may personally. we heard the statement from the home secretary at the start of the week citing exemptions for the windrush generation. jeremy corbyn seems to think that the government has not gone far enough. do you agree with him?|j government has not gone far enough. do you agree with him? i would not support the introduction of amnesties for illegal migrants. i think that penalises the people who are here legally and to go through the difficult process is becoming citizens. these are actually separate issues to the windrush co ntrove rsially separate issues to the windrush controversially because as the prime minister repeatedly made clear, the windrush families are british and not illegal migrants so the debate
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that has been raging for illegal immigrants isn't relevant to the windrush cases. it is very important that the home secretary and the home office do to ensure they have got the documents that they need to establish that status. the foreign secretary was apparently arguing that illegal immigrants who've been here for more than ten years, many of them have an impeccable record, they will have worked, abate the law. what is wrong with saying, ok, you can stay? the liberal democrats also floated the idea of giving an amnesty to all immigrants. let me just point something out, in exchanges today it was very clear that basically the home office doesn't know who is here legally or illegally and the default position is potentially everyone is illegal and that is what created the hostile environment. that is creating the
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problem is that a lot of people who are actually seeking legal status who are perfectly legal to be here because they can't prove the documentation isn't there, no one has asked the decades. you could go somewhere and present a gas bill in order to show who you are. suddenly, everything is tightened up and everybody suddenly has to show documentation... on the specific idea of an amnesty comedy sport at? i deathly figured something we should consider, seeing everything has gone. and facing the problem that we have for eu migrants, creating a generous environment that isn't hostile and accept the eu citizens who here should be here and have that status immediately, without them going through very hostile processes. let's be clear though it was the liberal democrats who are in government with the
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conservatives when these measures came ends they also need to take response ability for this. i think this issue is about the level of burden of proof and that is why it is not so straightforward. people aren't necessarily illegal or legal. they are here legitimately but it is very ha rd to they are here legitimately but it is very hard to prove that legality and the burden of proof is all on those individuals rather than the burden of proof should be on the home office to prove someone is in fact illegal and that is what is really dramatically changed in the last three orfour years, this burden of proof is making rehired. despite effo rts proof is making rehired. despite efforts to draw a line under this, how much damage do think this is done to the government? we read about polling by one of the party was not own pollsters suggesting that the prospects of the conservatives winning seats, where there are sizeable numbers of ethnic minority voters has been profoundly damaged by this? it is vital that the windrush families are properly looked after and the home office gives them the support they need to
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get the dog meditation sorted to this problem was resolved and paying compensation in appropriate cases. —— get the documentation sorted. compensation in appropriate cases. -- get the documentation sorted. how fardo -- get the documentation sorted. how far do you think maybe this is a watershed moment? a change of public mood about immigration generally?” very much hope it will be. the language with created around immigration is absolutely toxic and ultimately led to the brexit vote, i would say. so looking at these issues again and how we have at the double immigration and how we talk about it is vital that we are changing our attitude and looking at many thousands of people who are here and made a contribution, who should be here without any questions asked and certainly not hostile processes they need to go to. it should be registration process not an application process for the
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european citizens. i'm asking specifically now that is what we do with eu citizens. thank you all. there will probably be an awful lot more about this this afternoon because i home secretary is in front of the home affairs select committee. yvette cooper asked something of a zinger of a question in the commons so i think we can expect more details and fireworks over windrush this afternoon. time 110w over windrush this afternoon. time now for a look at the weather. early this morning it was beautiful. look at this in nottinghamshire. however, the shower clouds are gathering and becoming widespread. some in the last hour or so. some of those showers in towns. tied into this low pressure and the wind swinging around the north—westerly direction so that is where most of the showers tend to set but some of them are now starting to push further inland for the remainder of
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this afternoon. if you dodge the showers, and keeping the sunshine, temperatures are subdued for this time of year. as you go through the evening and overnight, some of the showers across england and wales in particular and much of eastern scotla nd particular and much of eastern scotland will fade away. showers die back to the north—west and temperatures and a clear skies will fall down to around three or 4 degrees in some spots. a chilly start to thursday but you have some sunshine to compensate. i suspect that the showers will stay in the northwest for the most of today. we should see highs of around 11 to 16 degrees, that is 61 fahrenheit. we're going to start to see this area of pressure drifting in and
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that will bring some wetter weather with it. we could have an inch or so of rain in places. it will move its way across wales, through the midlands and eventually pushing in to the north of england. scotland and northern ireland somewhat sunnier. still, the risk of a few showers. temperatures disappointing, only at around nine to 12 degrees. it will feel quite miserable if you are it will feel quite miserable if you a re u nfortu nately it will feel quite miserable if you are unfortunately stuck under that rain. nota bad are unfortunately stuck under that rain. not a bad start to the weekend but it's still not going to be beautifully warm. a significant dip in thejet beautifully warm. a significant dip in the jet stream and we are on the northern edge so a cooler source for the winds. it's not a complete write—off, though. sunny spells and scattered showers. hello, you're watching afternoon live.
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i'm simon mccoy. today at 2: angry exchanges in the commons over the windrush scandal. the labour leader says the buck stops with home secretary amber rudd. the current home secretary inherited a failing policy and made it worse. is it not time she took responsibility and resigned? a danish inventor is sentenced to life in prison for the murder ofjournalist kim wall on his submarine. two days after life support was withdrawn from the seriously ill toddler alfie evans, his parents prepare to go back to court over his treatment. two men from rome are arrested after a 53—year—old man was left critically ill following an attack before liverpool's champions league semi—final against roma last night. coming up on afternoon live: all the sport, with hugh. we will be
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